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Nothing is simple anymore – and, in fact, when it comes to the complexity of threats that organisations face nowadays, it’s only getting more complicated with every passing day. One might say it’s a Mandelbrot fractal zoom into nightmarish den of potential disasters. At Gamma, disaster recovery is a cornerstone of our resilience strategy.

Our commitment to having a pretty clear set of disaster recovery protocols is particularly relevant today for two reasons. Firstly, we’re entering ourselves into the running at the Business Continuity Awards – a good sign of confidence in our industry-leading standards. And secondly, with the Business Continuity Week running from May 13th to May 17th, there’s no better time to showcase our advanced disaster recovery capabilities. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate our readiness to handle any crisis effectively. This week really gives us a chance to highlight our strengths and reinforce our commitment to maintaining operational integrity under all circumstances. 

Leading Disaster Recovery 

Emma Stringer, the Disaster Recovery Manager at Gamma, has been at the forefront of shaping our disaster recovery efforts. With over six years of intensive focus on disaster recovery, first as an Operations Manager and now in a dedicated role, Emma has developed a deep understanding of the critical importance of this function. Her transition to Disaster Recovery Manager has enabled her to apply her hands-on experience more strategically across the company. 

Emma explains, “Disaster recovery has been something I’ve focused heavily on over the past 6 years as an Operations Manager at Gamma. As the Disaster Recovery Manager, I’m now able to work on the other side of this. The autonomy to collaborate with teams across the organisation to work through potential risks and issues to find ways to prevent or mitigate these is truly refreshing.” This highlights her proactive approach to disaster recovery, emphasising collaboration and cross-departmental coordination to enhance Gamma’s overall resilience. 

Furthermore, Emma highlights the cultural shift within Gamma, noting, “By educating and supporting the wider business teams, they now not only understand the importance of, but strive for full resilience.” Her efforts have been instrumental in embedding a resilience mindset throughout the organisation, ensuring that all teams understand their role in disaster recovery and are committed to the company’s overarching resilience goals. 

Disaster Recovery Processes and Their Impact 

At Gamma, our processes are meticulously designed to protect and restore critical technological assets and data swiftly and efficiently. This focus is crucial because technology and data are the backbones of our operations, supporting everything from day-to-day activities to complex, data-driven decision-making processes. 

Our disaster recovery strategy includes: 

  • Regular Risk Assessments: Continuously identifying and evaluating potential risks to technology and data assets to ensure all emerging threats are addressed promptly. 
  • Implementation of Robust IT Infrastructure: Utilising state-of-the-art technology solutions that support quick recovery and minimal downtime in the event of disruptions. 
  • Data Backup Solutions: Ensuring all critical data is backed up at secure locations, allowing quick restoration to maintain business continuity. 
  • Continuous Testing and Drills: Regularly scheduled drills to test the effectiveness of disaster recovery plans and to train staff in their roles during an actual disaster scenario. 

These processes ensure that Gamma can maintain operational continuity and safeguard critical data, minimising the impact of any disaster on our business and our clients. 

Other Perspectives on Supplier and Operational Resilience 

Reinforcing the importance of comprehensive disaster recovery strategies, Colin Bell, Director of Procurement at Gamma, emphasises the interconnected nature of business continuity and supplier relationships. He notes, “The Procurement team work closely with the Business Continuity function as we are responsible for the continuity of supply for goods and service both for resale and internal use. Our primary area of focus is understanding the risks relating to each supplier in the event of a BC incident.” This integration ensures that Gamma’s resilience is not confined to internal processes but extends throughout the supply chain, enhancing the stability and reliability of the services we provide to our clients. 

You’re not alone – #goodtogether 

At Gamma, our advanced disaster recovery strategies are as much about our clients’ businesses as our own. Each component of our disaster recovery plan is designed with the dual focus of internal and client resilience, ensuring that when challenges arise, both Gamma and our clients are prepared to face them without disruption. This approach aligns seamlessly with our #goodtogether campaign, emphasising that our commitment to resilience is a shared journey towards mutual security and success. As potential clients consider their partnership options, they can be confident that we take their disaster recovery needs as seriously as our own. Our collaborative approach ensures that together, we can overcome any challenge, further strengthening our relationships and reinforcing the trust that is fundamental to successful, long-term partnerships. After all, what’s the point in having an ethos if you don’t live it – we’re confident that at Gamma, our ethos permeates every part of our business, and is something everyone at Gamma lives by, every day. 

Advancing Disaster Recovery for Future-Proofing Gamma 

Gamma’s commitment to disaster recovery is an ongoing journey of improvement and adaptation. As new threats emerge (and old threats remain), our strategies and processes are continually refined to meet these challenges. The dedication of professionals like Emma Stringer, combined with a company-wide commitment to resilience, ensures that Gamma remains at the forefront of disaster recovery innovation. 

Our proactive and dynamic approach enhances our capabilities in handling technological disruptions and data integrity challenges, and it also positions Gamma as a reliable partner committed to operational excellence. As we participate in the Business Continuity Awards and educate staff and external actors during Business Continuity Week, we clearly demonstrate that while our disaster recovery strategies about response, they are also about foresight, preparation, and the continuous pursuit of excellence in safeguarding our operations and our clients’ interests.