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Enabling better patient satisfaction with Horizon and EMIS Health integration

Today’s healthcare providers are facing unprecedented challenges. The demands of an aging population, coupled with chronic staff shortages, have put the strain on already stretched resources. Furthermore, providers must keep up with rapid advances in technology whilst finding ways to reduce costs.

In these circumstances, healthcare organisations must do more with less. When budgets are tight, any IT or communications spend must increase the efficiency of healthcare professionals so that they can deal with more patients in less time, while ensuring the standard of care delivered is not hampered.

This is why Gamma has teamed up with the UK’s leading software vendor in the healthcare sector to deliver a solution which seamlessly integrates the EMIS Health CRM system with Gamma’s award-winning hosted telephony platform, Horizon. How do EMIS and Horizon work together?

With the integration between EMIS and Horizon, healthcare professionals now have powerful shared functionality across electronic patient records and voice telecommunications. All patient records are stored in the directory, with a simple click-to-dial functionality allowing practitioners to contact patients from their desktop. Calls also now ‘screen pop’ to show who’s dialling in, making it simpler to identify patient and partner calls.

Multiple sites can be easily and cost-effectively connected with one system, making call transfers to other locations seamless. Particularly for trusts with several sites sitting under their umbrella, this will make the experience for both the healthcare professional and the patient more streamlined and less frustrating.

What’s more, Horizon is a cloud-based solution that requires no costly onsite hardware, eliminating the need for expensive maintenance. It shifts communications infrastructure from a capital expenditure model to a more manageable operational expenditure set up. Furthermore, it is a reliable solution with built-in disaster recovery, crucial for healthcare organisations where outages or other infrastructure failures can be literally life-or-death situations.

Creating greater efficiencies in the future

The integration between EMIS and Horizon can also help healthcare organisations reduce costs and increase efficiencies further down the line. Because the solution is administered through a web-based portal, it allows for advanced call reporting to be considered in terms of patient outcomes, creating a better service for patients.

So, for example, healthcare practitioners can identify which calls are taking up the most time and then put into action the means to reduce those call times. Or they will be able to easily administer new call schedules or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) pathways that will simplify and improve the patient experience. All of which means healthcare providers will be able to deliver more effective and efficient care to a greater number of patients.

An integration that puts patients first

With Horizon and EMIS working together, you can improve efficiencies – letting you help patients quicker and more easily, enhancing patient experience and helping you provide better patient care.

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