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When you’re running a business, resilience is important, to say the least. Outside of an asteroid hitting the planet and destroying everything, you need to be able to face challenges with a reasonable level of preparedness.

For Gamma, crisis management is a critical pillar of our resilience strategy. After all, how can we ensure we offer resilience to the people who trust our services if we don’t take it seriously ourselves? This focus is not only essential for maintaining continuous operations for ourselves and our customers, but also showcases Gamma’s dedication as we put ourselves forward for the prestigious Business Continuity Awards. The timing is opportune, coinciding with Gamma’s Business Continuity Awareness Week, running this week from May 13th to May 17th. This event makes clear our commitment to raising awareness and demonstrating our authority and experience when it comes to business resilience – a pretty essential factor as we prepare for an eventful week highlighting our robust strategies and commitment to continuous improvement in crisis management. 

Leadership in Crisis Management 

At the core of Gamma’s crisis management initiative is Claire Powles, Head of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Claire, who has spent nearly two decades mastering the nuances of crisis management, plays a key role in steering Gamma through potential disruptions. Her expertise is particularly evident in her strategic approach to scenario-based exercises—a methodology that she passionately endorses. 

Claire explains, “For me personally the best part is the exercising and testing of plans with my current focus being on scenario-based exercises with our silver and gold crisis management teams.” This statement not only highlights her hands-on involvement but also brings home the importance of practical, real-world simulations in preparing the organisation for unforeseen events. 

Further discussing the challenges inherent in fostering a culture of preparedness, Claire observes, “Anyone in the industry will know that getting engagement for resilience activities isn’t always easy; people have day jobs and this is all based on ‘what ifs’ that may never happen.” This reflection candidly addresses the difficulty in mobilising resources and securing commitment for scenarios that, while potentially catastrophic, may seem abstract until they materialise. 

The Framework of Crisis Management 

Gamma’s approach to crisis management is characterised by a comprehensive framework that involves strategic leadership teams across various levels of the organisation. This framework ensures that during a crisis, decision-making is both swift and informed, with contributions from the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), the Executive Committee (ExCo), and the Board. This collaborative strategy is crucial, as it integrates diverse perspectives and expertise, enhancing the robustness and agility of Gamma’s response to crises. 

This structure isn’t simply an exercise in delegation; it’s about creating a synergy between strategic oversight and operational execution. The involvement of high-level leadership in crisis drills and decision-making processes ensures that the company is not only reacting to crises but also proactively anticipating potential challenges that could impact our operations. 

Supporting Insights on Preparedness and Technology 

Reinforcing the importance of these preparedness efforts, Colin Lees, Gamma’s Chief Technology Officer, highlights the critical nature of disaster recovery as part of the broader business continuity plan. He emphasises, “Without Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery we put our technology assets in a vulnerable position. We could have the latest and best technology in the world but if we do not have DR plans that have been exercised and tested we cannot guarantee a resilient service to the business and our customers.” This perspective brings to light the significant role that technology plays in maintaining business continuity, particularly the need for robust IT infrastructure and systems that can withstand and quickly recover from disruptions. 

Practice what you preach – #goodtogether 

Our recent #goodtogether campaign and our ethos of being there for clients – no matter what – is suffused within our approach to resilience. This systematic and thorough approach to crisis management is not solely about safeguarding our own operations; it extends (we would hope) a significant reassurance to our clients and potential customers. By demonstrating a capability to handle disruptions smoothly, Gamma ensures that the resilience of our clients’ operations is also prioritised. This approach is critical today, where clients rely heavily on the uninterrupted services of their providers. For potential customers, Gamma’s commitment to detailed and tested crisis management protocols signify a partnership that values continuity and stability. As such, clients can have full confidence that their interests are protected, fostering a relationship built on trust and mutual reliance. This assurance is particularly valuable in industries where downtime can lead to significant financial or reputational damage.  

The Bedrock of Gamma’s Operational Integrity 

As we continue to showcase our commitment to excellence in crisis management, particularly during our participation in the Business Continuity Awards and the observance of Business Continuity Awareness Week, we hope to solidify our reputation as a resilient, forward-thinking bunch. The proactive crisis management strategies championed by Claire Powles and supported by Gamma’s leadership are integral to our ethos and operational integrity. 

By maintaining a rigorous and dynamic approach to crisis management, we safeguard our operations against potential threats and ensure that we can continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients, regardless of the circumstances. We hope our unwavering commitment to resilience not only positions Gamma as a leader in our field but also as a reliable partner to our clients, fully capable of managing and mitigating risks during – to put it mildly – a rather unpredictable era. With this focus, Gamma anticipates challenges and transforms them into opportunities for growth and learning, truly embodying the spirit of resilience that the Business Continuity Awards aim to celebrate.