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Data services: how to give customers what they want

Today’s organisations are data hungry. They’re using it to better understand their customers, streamline their operations and improve decision-making. It’s even been said that data is the new oil, seeing that it’s fuelling much of today’s digital transformation plans (though this analogy has been refuted in equal measures). Nevertheless, experts predict that by 2020, the global big data market is predicted to be worth $57 billion.

To support modern business operations, a robust data network is key. This applies to everyone, from the hottest start-up in Shoreditch to the oldest family run shop in Shrewsbury. Data services are the lifeblood to which most customer service channels and internal operations depend on, no matter what size or scale.

All of this points towards rich pickings for channel partners. The demand is there and is only expected to intensify as reliance on digital tools grow. However, just like most things in life, this prospect shouldn’t be taken for granted.

The data services market is a crowded one. To get noticed by prospective customers (and retain the existing ones), it’s essential to understand what people need from their provider. Here we look at the key ways to stand out and give your customers what they want.Be flexible

“Whatever your needs are, we can tailor a solution that’ll fit.”

Your customers are all going to want different things. From bandwidth and budget, to storage and support. Each customer will be looking for something specific to suit their individual business goals. As channel partners, you need to understand this and offer the flexibility to adjust and adapt data services packages to meet demand.

Maintain reliability

“We’re committed to giving you the best service possible.”

Whatever size or sector of your customers’ business, they’ll be wanting a reliable data service. This is especially true as more and more core operational services move to the cloud. A high-availability, high-capacity internet connection is critical. As a channel partner, you can guarantee this by working with a vendor who can offer a robust SLA and round the clock support.

 Offer the future

“Our service will set you up for years to come.”

The technology landscape is constantly changing, meaning tech investment today needs to pay off in the long term. Data services underpin many of the core IT business processes that are being built (cloud being a huge one). But data services can also be consolidated with other services, such as voice. It’s all in line with the trend towards converged communications. The benefit to customers is not only cost savings through simplified billing, but also operational efficiency and the ease of scaling should they wish to expand sites.

A reliable data service is crucial for any business wishing to maintain a productive and cohesive IT ecosystem. Channel partners wishing to excel in this space need to focus their sales messages on the benefits above, and tailor these to each customer accordingly. Knowing the customer is the first step in providing the best service possible.

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