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Finding the data service that supports the pace of your business

Every business moves at its own speed. What’s right for one will be totally wrong for another, and trying to pick up or replicate another business’ growth model is almost sure to lead to failure.

This is why ‘off the shelf’ tech solutions and packages don’t always work anymore. And why so many businesses are moving more and more of their processes to the cloud, consuming critical applications as a service to get the flexibility to scale, as demand requires.

Now, as cloud platforms increasingly become the basis from which new products, services and business models are built, access is becoming the key to unlocking new opportunities. Which, in turn, means reliance on data services is rising exponentially – with so many applications accessed from the cloud, it’s vitally important that businesses and their employees can connect to them reliably and at high speeds.

Data connectivity services, then, must provide high quality bandwidth. And crucially, businesses shouldn’t be battling with consumers for bandwidth. Contending with non-enterprise users for capacity could choke business-critical cloud services and applications, meaning they could slow down or work less effectively. If your employees’ work applications don’t work correctly, who knows how much lost productivity and revenue could be at stake.

Let’s remember, too, that businesses are not single-cell organisms. There will be multiple departments and stakeholders in any organisation, each with different data needs. Data services must be able to be dynamic enough to accommodate different applications, uses and types of traffic (e.g. voice or data). This can result in numerous quality requirements – data has to support high quality voice connections, for example.Investing now for short- and long-term success

With connectivity such a crucial part of the current and future success of any business, investing in the right solution now will put you in a great position. There are a few things you should be looking for…

You should choose a data solution that can support the demands of the applications you are using and the type of traffic your business needs. For example, if you are constantly transferring large files and regularly using video conferencing or other such data-intensive services, you should consider a more powerful service.

Finding a business-only data provider is also essential. It means you can access uncontended bandwidth within a secure environment for all your data needs. The last thing you want is your connection throttled by non-business users.

Network speed is a given, of course. But driving business growth through connectivity is about more than just speed. You should be able to migrate your network seamlessly so business can carry on as usual, without disruption.

Data that just works

Businesses don’t want to worry about connectivity. Instead they just want to know that it works when they need it to, and costs what they think it should.

That’s why finding a data service that supports the pace of your business is crucial to unlocking the productivity potential to drive your future growth and success as businesses become increasingly more digital.

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