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How to improve your communications offering for SMEs

Boost sales by offering a solution that converges your voice, data and mobile services into a single unified solution.

How to improve your communications offering for SMEs

The potential for increasing your revenue through deeper engagement with SME customers is huge. After all, their impact on UK business is far-reaching:
of private sector businesses are made up by SMEs
of all private sector workers are employed by SMEs
of SMEs account for all private sector revenues
SMEs are worth
£1,600 billion per annum
to the UK economy.

That’s a big number – and one that reflects the financial opportunities available to communications resellers who are willing to expand their portfolio by offering a bundled communication solution.


Because all SMEs need effective communications solutions that work hand-in-hand to support their telecoms needs.


…a next-generation phone system (like SIP trunking)…


…data access (like broadband or Ethernet)…


…mobile services…

…that work hand-in hand to support their telecoms needs.

£3.9 billion

The amount SMEs spend on their mobile, fixed voice and data services.

But there’s a problem…

2 or more
The number of suppliers SMEs use to provide them with their communication services (instead of investing in a bundled communications solution from a single supplier).



The SME spends more money due to having a specific supplier per product. The single-product reseller therefore makes less money.


The reseller is under threat from competitors stepping in with a convergence package that brings together all of an SME’s communications needs into a single, value-driven package, featuring voice, data and mobile services.
The result for that savvy reseller? Multiple wins for both sides:


You, as the reseller become a one-stop shop for all the SMEs communications needs


The SME turns to the reseller whenever an additional/complementary communications solution is required


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) churn is reduced by up to 25% by adding just one additional service


The SME benefits from lowers costs; the reseller benefits from increased revenue

The real question all communications suppliers need to be asking themselves is simple:

Why wouldn’t you offer your customers a bundled communications package that supports their needs, as well as your own?