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Improve customer retention with an enhanced telecoms portfolio

Boost customer retention by offering a package that combines all of their communications needs.

As a telecoms reseller, ensuring your portfolio constantly delivers is critical – but relying on selling just one product or offering a limited product portfolio could be harming your future prospects. It leaves an opening for more proactive competitors to exploit opportunities such as new trends within the communications market. One such trend is selling a fully unified communications solution.

Perception vs. misconception

In a time where margins are understandably tight, SMEs are watching their overheads like never before. They are therefore starting to believe that they lack available resource to invest in overhauling their traditional telephony system – never mind adding additional services to it.

If this means taking their communications solutions from a number of different suppliers (for example broadband from one supplier, mobile from a secondary source and their fixed lines from another) then this is likely to be true. However, by taking all three services from a single supplier (especially one who offers a bundled communications package combining voice, data and mobile) the customer’s perception can be proven to be nothing more than a misconception. More so when the customer realises the cost-savings that can be realised through this approach.


Pitch perfect

Savvy communications providers are already positioning themselves to offer unified business telecoms to their customers. One of the main selling points is that the overall cost to the customer will be reduced. By moving to just one supplier, SMEs will enjoy a lower overall bill because their communications package all falls to a single point of contact.

In turn, those resellers who have expanded their portfolios to offer a fully converged service are now reaping the financial benefits. By becoming a key supplier to your customers you’re ideally placed to impress them with a consistent, predictable and professional service.

Maintain to retain

The drive to provide a consistent and reliable service by supplying multiple communications services is crucial. Once the converged package has been implemented, the reseller will fast become a trusted partner for the SME. By being this trusted service provider your customers are far more likely to turn to you for any further communications requirements.

By offering a reliable service at a competitive price your customers are also less likely to be tempted by another supplier, even if they have a similar offering or better pricing. The close working relationships that you build will quickly become an important selling point for your business.

Customer retention is critical to staying ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive climate.


There are many benefits to offering your customers a service that combines a number of communications solutions. Try to remember that:

› SMEs are likely to think they cannot afford to overhaul their business telecoms – by offering them the right bundled packages, you’ll be able to provide a range of products that work seamlessly together while saving them money
› Encouraging your customers to bring all their communications services over to you means you’ll not only be their single point of contact, you’ll also build a much stronger business relationship
› By supplying a bundled package tailored to SMEs you can decrease their overheads whilst boosting your bottom line at the same time