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Putting customer experience at the very heart of a digital transformation strategy can be the difference between a business thriving and going into administration. There are all too many cautionary tales of the companies that were dealt a devastating hand after not adapting their offering to the evolving expectations of their customers.

But this fate is not only reserved for the likes of Toys R Us, Maplin, Blockbuster and many other retail casualties; banks and insurance firms are also at risk of going under if they don’t offer the best experience for their customers. If anything, the need for tailored services, immediate responses and reliable solutions in the banking and insurance industries is even more critical.The human touch

If a customer has been locked out of their account while on holiday, encountered a loss from fraud or been involved in some sort of accident that requires a claim, they’re likely to be anxious and their patience limited. These situations require careful and engaged customer service that puts minds at rest and reassures rather than exacerbates already stressful situations.

Seamless communications technology is at the epicentre of this success. Consumers want to speak to real people that can help them resolve an issue or respond to a query; according to Accenture, seven in 10 banking consumers want the ability to raise a complaint with a human advisor. Investing in a customer service experience that prioritises trust, engagement and availability is a crucial move for personal finance companies.Upgrading complex telephony estates 

Being there for your customers when they need you most will rely on a contact centre that can carry the weight of the demand. But often the pressure on IT departments at large enterprises to manage complex network estates can be overwhelming and leave room for SLAs to be broken. Particularly if the business is reliant on legacy telecommunications solutions, like ISDN, which makes reacting to changes a slow and cumbersome process.

Challenges include controlling multiple lines of business applications, new offices and branches to bring online or offline. For example, banks experiencing high periods of contact might need to set up new lines at a call-centre to ensure customers are being responded to.

Reducing the complexity of legacy telephony estates can save businesses money. As such, implementing a cloud-based solution can provide a communications service that is adequately flexible and robust.Relying on the cloud

Cloud telephony as a replacement for traditional phone systems is an important step for enterprises that handle many inbound calls. Gamma’s next generation communications solutions are suitable for even the largest enterprises. From Inbound call routing, fully hosted call centre solution , making the move from legacy infrastructure to an all-encompassing managed service can radically reduce the cost and burden of managing complex systems for enterprise business.

During periods of high demand, services can scale easily allowing call handlers to resolve issues quickly and accurately. You can also learn so much about customer behaviour, needs and wants from real-time call analytics – all valuable data that you can then pour back into making your customer experience an even stronger offering.

Freeing up investment to spend on innovation

There is so much to offer your customers in this modern age of technology; the potential to bolster your communications offering through Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots and social media. But there is no point in investing in any of this if your underlying telephony infrastructure is struggling.

Providing customers with seamless connections and transfers to different arms of the business without calls dropping, long delays and being left on hold can be delivered through cloud telephony. With this in place, organisations can save money and be assured that the right infrastructure is in place to be able to explore other innovations such as AI, Internet of Things (IOT), customer-centric apps and telematic devices. That’s the next step in truly customer first experiences.

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