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Leveraging Gamma’s Decades of Connectivity Experience for Modern Business


Embracing the Data-Driven Future: Gamma’s Vision

Data is the new oil. Businesses are never-endingly seeking ways to harness this resource for competitive advantage, be it analysing customer trends and sentiment, or measuring staff and operational performance to drive efficiencies. The key to success, though, lies not just in gathering data but in deriving actionable insights to enhance business process automation, cost efficiency, better products and services, increased sales, carbon footprint reduction and customer experiences. Mobile and the Internet of Things are two elements of communications at the vanguard of this data driven future. At Gamma, with our two decades of experience in business communications, we understand the increasingly crucial role that these elements will play in the years to come. Our journey so far – and our forward-thinking approach – has uniquely positioned us to offer insights on how businesses can leverage these technologies effectively.

Mobile Technology: The Convergence with UCaaS

The integration of mobile technology with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is an on-going shift in business communications. At Gamma, we’ve observed a trend moving towards mobile and connectivity shedding their status as parallel entities and becoming seamlessly blended. This convergence is a technological marvel, sure – but at its heart, it’s about creating a cohesive communication strategy that empowers businesses to be agile, connected, and responsive, irrespective of geographical constraints. Of course, mobile technology goes beyond just mobile phones themselves – there’s a whole world of devices joining a new frontier – the Internet of Things (IoT).

According to Steven Lowe, Gamma’s Product Director for Mobile, “At Gamma, we’re incredibly excited about the power of IoT to help businesses improve operational efficiency, improve the quality of products and services and drive increased sales and growth. As radio technologies continue to improve, ever more use cases become viable and IoT becomes ever more relevant to future business success.”

IoT: Transforming Business Models

Since Gamma’s acquisition of Epsilon, we have witnessed first hand the transformative power of IoT. The decision to establish Fusion IoT as a dedicated driven by our belief in IoT’s potential to revolutionise business. Our perspective on IoT transcends its technical aspects; we view it as a fundamental change in how businesses will interact with the world. IoT’s impact isn’t confined to specific sectors or geographies; it’s a global phenomenon. The challenge for many businesses is navigating the complexities of IoT implementation, particularly in dealing with the limitations posed by national carriers. At Gamma, our approach with Fusion IoT is to offer a holistic perspective, amalgamating the strengths of various mobile carriers into a singular, efficient solution.

Our past experience and pedigree have enabled us to comfortably manoeuvre with the changing landscape, and to see opportunities not only to expand our operations, but also to help businesses to be ready for the future – rest assured that we know what’s coming, what they need to deal with it, and what works best for them.

Steven shares his thoughts on Gamma’s pedigree, and potential future impact: “With Gamma’s history of innovation and its mature attitude to working in partnership to deliver maximum benefit for customers, we believe that we are extremely well placed to make a significant impact across all of our group territories.”

The Role of eSIM in IoT

Swinging back to the convergence of IoT and mobile technology, we find ourselves looking at familiar tech – with a twist. Everyone knows what SIM cards are, but in the world of IoT, the role of eSIM technology is a game-changer. It addresses a critical need for flexibility and adaptability in connectivity. Our focus on eSIM is all about understanding and responding to the evolving needs of businesses as technology changes. The ability to switch carriers seamlessly or to manage multiple networks on a single device is technically impressive and, more importantly, a strategic business tool.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Connectivity

We’re always looking to the future, and we feel that the potential of IoT and mobile technology in business is – in a word – limitless. From virtual meetings enabled by second-to-none 5G connections to ensuring business continuity with backup mobile routers, to tracking the location and status of assets via narrowband mobile connectivity, the applications are everywhere. But at the core of this evolution is the need for thoughtful, strategic implementation. It’s one thing to look at the starry sky – it’s a whole other thing to get there.

So, as much as we want to lead the conversation, our approach at Gamma is not just about sharing the starry-eyed visions of the future. It’s about the practical too – partnering with businesses to understand their unique challenges and opportunities. The upcoming launch of the Epsilon platform in the UK, integrating eSIM and data management, is a step towards this goal. It’s a clear signpost of our commitment to innovation, but more importantly, our commitment to enabling businesses to navigate the future confidently – leveraging those decades of experience and pedigree we’re so proud of.

Empowering people at the heart of good business

It’s easy to be captivated by the sheer power and potential of new technologies and forget the human beings who’ll be using it. As much as we want to lead the charge into the tech future we all dream of, we at Gamma also want to remind businesses that at the core of their success lies a fundamental element – the human aspect. This is where the true essence of a business’s strength comes from. At Gamma, we believe that empowering people is just as vital as leveraging technology for business success. If you can do both in one fell swoop, so much the better – that’s the dream.

So invest in their growth, understand their aspirations, and create an environment where their talents can flourish. When people feel valued and supported, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated, leading to higher productivity and innovation. All the technology in the world won’t shore up unhappy staff. They need to be looked after.

For Gamma, remembering the human element means ensuring that our technological advancements are always aligned with enhancing the human potential of our people. Bringing it all together, we want to develop cutting-edge solutions and to ensure that these solutions augment human capability, making it easier for individuals to communicate, collaborate, and innovate. We see new technology as a means to empower people, helping them to achieve their best work and, in turn, driving business success.

The final word

So, in the here and now, we feel that the integration of mobile and IoT technologies presents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses. At Gamma, we are incredibly excited to be at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging our decades of experience in connectivity to offer our visions of what will be, and strategic guidance as to how you would best deal with it. Our journey so far has taught us that the true power of technology lies not in its capability alone but in how it is harnessed to drive business success. As we continue to innovate and explore new frontiers in connectivity, our focus remains unchanged – empowering people at the heart of good business. With that in mind, Steve has one final thought: “Our German business has made a fabulous start in helping businesses and partners to grow via its Fusion IoT offering and as we roll the Fusion IoT capability out across the group, combining it with our data management and eSIM capabilities, we believe that we will make a truly transformative impact.”