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Make the transition from a telephony provider to a communications partner

Now’s the time to provide your customers with a range of communications solutions that seamlessly work together.

As an established telecoms provider you’ll already have a strong relationship with your customer base. By taking advantage of upselling a range of complementary products into this base, not only will you be able to offer them possible cash savings (keeping your customers’ overheads down), you’ll also be able to boost your own bottom line.

You may have already been approached by customers about creating a unified communications strategy for them – if not, they’re likely to be already considering one. Now is the time to strike.

Sourcing the right solutions

If your SME customers are currently buying their telephony services from you, their data services from a second supplier and their mobile services from a third, they will have three separate suppliers to contact should things go wrong (or even if something needs changing).

Put this alongside the constant demand on SMEs to drive down spend and it’s understandable that they may end up look for a single supplier for all of their communications needs.


Sourcing the right provider

It can seem risky for a communications supplier to move outside of their specialist area and expand their portfolio of products. The best way to successfully make this transition is to team up with the right communications partner. A trusted provider will be able to offer you the tools and training required to effortlessly roll out a bundled package of voice, data and mobile services. Choose the right provider and they’ll even give you discounts for supplying two or more of the services so that your customers can benefit from these additional cost saving.

To make your life as simple as possible, the right partner should also be able to offer you a way to monitor your accounts, allowing you to identify any new opportunities while keeping an eye on your existing ones.

Pitching convergence to customers

Consider the benefits of a providing a converged set of products to your customers:

› Their overall business operating costs will decrease because they’re sourcing all their business telecoms from a single provider
› They’ll benefit from a joined up communications strategy which will help employees to keep in touch wherever they are without incurring extra charges (especially if you choose a vendor who offers free internal calls)
› Their business is future-proofed – a truly unified solution allows customers to scale up their communications as and when their business grows
› They’ll have one monthly bill and one point of contact – you
› You’ll establish yourself as a trustworthy supplier and someone they’ll become dependant on

The end result?

Providing a number of solutions that work hand-in-hand together is a clear win-win for your customers’ business as well as your own. It gives you the opportunity to make a painless transition from supplying just their fixed telephony solution to becoming a fully-fledged communications supplier. Even better, it will allow you to to see a positive revenue growth as well as increasing your customer loyalty.


Upselling a number of additional products into your existing customer base can seem daunting – particularly if you’re only used to supplying traditional telephony solutions but it can definitely be worth investing time into. Don’t forget:

› This is an ideal opportunity to safeguard your business for the future, stay ahead of your competitors and see an upturn in your existing revenue streams
› Choosing the right communications partner will make the process a natural evolution of your company’s offerings
› Making the leap will deepen your relationship with existing customers and give you an exciting proposition for any prospects