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How to Align your Business Mobile Solution to Millennial Needs

It may sound like a stereotype but millennials expect their technology to be fast, accessible and on-demand and this extends to how they do business. Millennials have limited patience for work systems that slow them down in their career – they don’t want to compromise on efficiency because their organisation provides them with inflexible telecommunications. They want access to a full suite of mobile solutions that empowers them to work from anywhere.

These expectations are not unreasonable and nor are they to be sniffed at. As a mid-sized business, you’re in a war for talent, one that could be won by the organisation with mobile solutions that meet the demands of the modern workplace. This could have serious repercussions for your business growth if this generation, and the one that follows, goes to work for your competitors.

Millennials are moving up the career ladder and bringing along a new standard for workplace culture and environment – one that prioritises seamless mobile solutions. And in today’s talent hungry market, all businesses have a critical need to provide their employees with the tools that allow them to work flexibly and seamlessly.

Millennials still want to talk

In this prolifically textual age, it’s easy to make the assumption that millennials always favour speed-typing a text or email over making a phone call. But in a business capacity, there’s still the acknowledgment that sorting things out over the phone can just get the job done quicker.

In our Transformation Game research, we found that 73% of organisations recognise that voice calls do offer unique qualities as a business tool. Sometimes, with voice communication, the barrier comes from the lack of sophistication in the channel itself, not from the reluctance to speak. It’s a symptom of not finding a voice service that has kept up with the rest of the digital transformation.

Cloud-hosted solutions offer both fixed and mobile telephony that employees can access wherever they’re working; from the office, from home, or on the move. Gamma’s Connect, among other services, enables employees to receive calls to their business number wherever they are and on any device, whilst accessing all features of a fixed line phone system when mobile. Tools like this can improve an employee’s mobile productivity and responsiveness whilst giving them the freedom and flexibility to work the way they want.

Mobile solutions on-the-go

Ensuring your employees have access to reliable and integrated services from their mobile device will improve their experience of working flexibly. Access to productivity enhancing features such as the corporate directory, quality mobile data and visual voicemail are key. A true business mobile service can also help organisations control their expenditure when employees are travelling abroad with Business Traveller bolt-ons, to reduce the risk of unexpected data charges and dedicated support for easy management of your mobile estate.

Improved mobile coverage will help your employees to work without disruption and you can eliminate the need to rely on multiple mobile network providers. This is because wherever your organisation is based in the UK, Gamma Mobile’s MultiNet bolt-on lets employees work from more places than a single network could. So, while your competitors are out of signal and their calls are going through to voicemail, your employees can continue working without annoying network setbacks.

Ultimately, millennials rely on flawless mobile solutions to support their career progression. They are looking to work for an organisation with systems that can keep up with the fast pace of business today. Investing in your mobile solutions will help satisfy the millennial expectation for modern, future-ready tools that represent the workplace of tomorrow.

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