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How SIP opens the door for wider business opportunities

Adding a new product or service to an existing IT portfolio can often be a daunting prospect. From the potentially large upfront costs, to the challenge of presenting existing customers with a new value proposition – resellers may sometimes question the benefits-to-efforts ratio.

Yet SIP trunking has many advantages. The product can generate almost immediate revenue streams, and implementing the product is straightforward. Installation relies on technical skills already within an IT reseller’s team, and sale skills merely require adjusting for SIP’s unique benefits. But, beyond the product itself, SIP trunking can provide resellers with wider business opportunities.

Generate leads with customer satisfaction

As many IT resellers know, customers prefer to focus on running their business, rather than their infrastructure. SIP trunking allows you to offer customers truly unified communications. It combines data, voice and video, which can complement other services and products you offer them. By streamlining their multiple service providers, your customers can free up time to focus other areas of their business.

The result? A happy customer, which can bring about referrals. Satisfied customers have first-hand experience of your services, meaning their recommendations are credible. Any leads they bring will be well-qualified and can help grow your business.

Gain cross-sell opportunities

It’s easier to sell to an existing customer, rather than a new one. SIP trunking enables resellers to make the most of their portfolio by creating the opportunity to offer complementary products – be it video conferencing equipment, handsets or any other hardware that can support voice, video and data communication services associated with SIP.

By cross-selling to existing customers, resellers can sell more products, reduce the cost of sales and increase their overall revenue.

Strengthen reseller brand

By teaming up with a reputable SIP vendor, you can take advantage of an existing cloud infrastructure. You can harness proven technology and utilise a vendor’s support system to deliver a product that is resilient and future-ready.

In order to succeed in today’s reseller market, businesses need to be more customer-centric than ever before. By being able to provide customers with a streamlined solution, resellers can increase competitiveness. And, by teaming up with the right SIP provider, you can guarantee business success in the years to come.