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Staying mobile: how resellers can keep up with customers

For mobile resellers, the marketplace has become increasingly competitive. Shifting consumer demand has led to many resellers needing to amp up their product offering to ensure all customer needs are met. Telecommunication convergence has led to more IT specialists entering the field, which has led to a narrowing the supply and demand gap. On top of this, the constant drive to achieve the best margins while delivering superior customer service has meant that resellers are being placed under pressure from all directions.

Yet the path to success is simple. The right product portfolio, coupled with the right service quality, will help keep end-users happy. For that that reason, resellers need to focus on three key attributes to succeed: simplicity, consistency and certainty.

Streamlining for simplicity

Fixed/Mobile Convergence (FMC) will help keep your customers’ connections simplified. The product allows mobile users to have the same functionality associated with their fixed phone, wherever their mobiles take them. This helps users to enjoy a continuous service, which can keep workflows fluid. Voicemail, extension dialling and call transfers can all be easily done from from either your fixed or mobile phone, whichever is most convenient to access.

Having a converged network also means one single point of contact for both fixed-line and mobile billing enquiries. This cuts down on operational administration time and any of its associated costs. Simplified billing also gives businesses greater visibility of their telecoms network operations. Overall management of business and personal phone usage becomes easier to achieve, and wider tariffs can be reassessed for best value.


Consistency in billing

The ubiquity of smart devices means that mobile working is a common feature of many organisations today. However, ‘bill shock’ is still a real concern. Data costs can quickly become a financial risk when employees are unaware of their own usage totals mounting up. Be it downloading large files, overseas roaming, streaming high bandwidth media or simply excessive use – exceeding set allowances is too easily done.

While capping data can help solve this problem, it can have adverse effects on the user experience. Having no way to track individual data balances can mean some employees are left without a connection during crucial business moments. Partnering with a provider that has the right tools can prevent this. Flexible packages can be chosen to suit individual user requirements, as can multiple tiers for daily usage. An automatic alert system can keep end-users informed of their data usage amount and eliminate the chances of losing a business opportunity.

Confidence in coverage

There’s nothing more frustrating than bad mobile coverage. Mobile ‘not spots’, where service gaps exist, continue to be encountered by mobile useres across the country. That’s why features such as multi-network SIMs can be the ideal tool in a reseller’s arsenal. It provides improved coverage by bringing the power of more than one network into a single SIM. As a result, missed calls can be avoided and users can spend less time chasing up contacts or following up voicemails.

For many customers, this is the ideal high-level service, business-grade solution for those who live or work in rural areas or simply want more reliable coverage.

For resellers to succeed in keeping up with customer needs, it’s imperative that they focus on ease of use. Mobile network reliability, robust coverage and simplified billing are all key elements of this.