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The SIP Series (VI): Un-locking Your Data

SIP trunks offer business the opportunity to not only reduce costs but also enable fast access to up to the minute applications that organisations today need in order to gain competitive advantages.

However, the versatility of SIP trunks can only be realized by having a quality carrier circuit that has sufficient bandwidth and the robust reliability required to unlock the potential of your data.

Business grade Ethernet is considered by many to be an ideal choice for this task

Ethernet leased lines are a dedicated, standards based, high speed, fixed-bandwidth, symmetrical data connection delivered over fibre optic cables, as opposed to the traditional broadband options that run over landlines.Once the preserve of large corporations, Ethernet has become, with the increase in cloud based application deployment, more and more accessible for organisations of any size across the UK. Business Ethernet speeds do not fluctuate – you get the speed you pay for and because the service is symmetrical the upload speed is the same as the download speed.

Therefore, as business moves applications and services to the cloud they can feel confident that you have right connection for reliable and high-quality access to services such as hosted telephony and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

For resellers, SIP and Business Grade Ethernet are natural partners

For example, provided as a fully managed service, these solutions offer profit and incremental revenue for SIP providers and video, LAN, security, and managed WAN are all complementary to SIP offers.

Consider too that real-time collaboration is crucial and with around 62% of IT managers considering collaboration technologies to be essential to their business by 2018, the opportunities for resellers to sell product and application bundles around SIP are only going to increase.

Gamma has a proven track record for innovation and in a market often regarded as being in a race to the bottom on price, the company has continually developed profitable new solutions that enable resellers to differentiate themselves from the crowd whilst at the same time making users far more sticky in terms of customer retention.

With the approaching end to ISDN circuits more and more users are switching over to IP based voice communications with the smarter, well informed users recognising SIP trunks are not only a replacement for telephony but also a vehicle to drive through a more holistic digital transformation of their business.


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