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UK flooding is a major communications problem

We’ve seen it in the news for weeks. It’s been non-stop rain for what seems like forever and every day there seems to be a new flood warning.

But seriously, when it comes close to, or affects your customers’ business it really is time to help them with their business continuity strategy.

This is the perfect opportunity to promote Inbound. Leave it too much longer and people will have forgotten about the risks to their business. We are quite an optimistic species, thinking that ‘it will never happen to us’.

And it’s not just the office being flooded that’s the issue. If employees can’t get into the office because their roads in are flooded you have a problem, or if trains are cancelled. Missed calls because there aren’t enough staff to man the phones, leads to vital lost revenue.

Just continuing to be able to take calls from customers wherever you are is key, so promote the fact that Inbound enables you to divert calls to mobiles seamlessly as well as recording announcements to give callers the comfort factor if the lines are busy.

It’s quick, simple and cost effective which can help your customers protect their business from all sorts of emergencies, not just floods.