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Why effective cloud backup measures are crucial for the public sector

Digital technology can have truly transformational effects on organisations – the public sector included. This is because embracing digital tools gives firms the potential to increase their efficiency, improve the user experience and unlock valuable data for future innovation. And in turn, these benefits can make the day-to-day lives of public servants, as well as citizens, much easier.

However, achieving such change doesn’t come without its own challenges.

As ever, a lack of government funding is a key barrier to embracing new processes. The ongoing financial squeeze means many services, from healthcare and education to police and paramedics, are all faced with the frustrating pressure to ‘do more, with less’.

Yet these cost and budget pressures are exactly why government agencies need to embrace alternative ways of working. Modern tools, such as cloud computing, have the potential to help free up much needed resources. But getting sign-off is tricky because there’s no budget. It’s a Catch-22 that can drive any public servant up the wall. Fortunately, cloud computing can help.

Backup to the cloud

Public sector backup strategies can be complex. They need to operate within ever-changing compliance requirements as well as cater to large and diverse IT environments built on legacy networks. There have been countless ways to create physical backups of critical data, each demanding their own set of skills and admin time. But now there’s a better alternative.

By migrating physical data servers into the cloud, organisations can consolidate their physical infrastructure and achieve huge efficiency savings.

Backups of critical data can also be stored in the cloud, removing the need for physical backups to be taken using traditional methods such as tape. Unlike physical backups, which rely on staff to implement and are susceptible to human error and security vulnerabilities, cloud backups are fully automated, encrypted and offer enhanced reliability.

What’s more, being cloud-based means data can be easily accessed and recovered, anywhere and anytime. And unlike tape-based backups, cloud allows for easy management and restoration. Users only need a few clicks of a mouse to restore their files.

With cloud, critical data, devices and applications can be securely and automatically backed up. Better still, there is less of a reliance on support or maintenance staff, therefore creating even greater efficiency savings.

Next steps

Finding the right managed cloud service provider can make the transitioning process simple. The right provider will be able to ensure the cloud service chosen offers the optimum level of security, compliant with UK government and international standards, and supported by round-the-clock technical help.

Every cloud has a silver lining

With cloud backup, there are plenty of benefits that are too good to ignore. If you’re in need of finding efficiencies and setting your organisation up for the future, then why not consider moving to the cloud today.

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