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Why your organisation should be looking at enabling a remote workforce for the foreseeable future

With business owners pushing their employees to get back into their fast-paced office environment, CEOs should be asking ‘why are we in a such a rush to get our employees back into the office?’. According to Alex Eartik & Co. since the UK has been in lock-down remote workers productivity and engagement have actually improved. Therefore, suggesting that if business owners were to open their premises again, it could potentially hinder the performance of employees as well as the overall business.

It’s vital that if business do decide to take the route of closing their offices for good and focusing on remote working, the necessity for a water proof remote-working strategy has never been more critical, or more in the spotlight than ever.


What would you like to achieve from implementing a remote workforce?

Whether it’s to provide support to employees with more flexible work arrangements or to beef up your business continuity strategy, it’s key to understand why building out remote working guidelines is worth your time and energy.

Here we look at two tried and tested justifications of any remote working policy, Employee Satisfaction and Disaster Recovery:


Reaping the benefits

A remote working policy underpinned with good technology can provide valuable opportunities and significant advantages for organisations:

  • Higher productivity and responsiveness
  • Increased employee morale and engagement
  • Improved collaboration, enabling new ideas, and faster decisions
  • Better customer experience, encouraging loyalty, and referrals
  • Lower risks of security breaches and loss of valuable information
  • Lower operational costs

By maintaining a focus on your objectives, you can craft a policy which not only delivers tangible business benefits but also create a workforce which can benefit from the freedom and flexibility associated with best in class remote work strategies.

Learn more about remote working to find out if remote working is the right solution for your business.