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Co-creating the future

Our world is full of opportunity, but also of increasing threats. The customers and guest speakers at Frontiers 2022 have all found ways to come to terms with uncertainty and complexity: getting comfortable with the uncomfortable – and thriving.

That means staying on top of emerging technologies, building a powerful network, and finding smarter ways to collaborate at scale. Technological advances aside, we’re all wrestling with some fundamental questions. In a time of great disruption, how do we make work, work better? Join us for an exploration of hybrid working, customer experience, and smarter ways of responding to change.

We’re aiming to give you confidence in the decisions you make, by bringing like-minded, passionate people together to connect the dots and co-create the future.

Feel connected

Managing the great return to work has been a challenge. We all proved that remote working is possible, but some things are better face-to-face. Re-thinking the office space is leading to new ways to collaborate. With a renewed focus on productivity, well-being and the environment, hybrid working is becoming more purposeful. So how do we turn “me space” into “we space”?

Alex Ayers Sales Director
Alex Ayers Sale Director – Gamma Direct






It’s about feeling connected to your users, your colleagues, your team members, and your customers.’

Be brave

To survive the pandemic we had to go through the pain barrier and be agile. First, 40,000 calls had to be redirected to staff mobiles; then we had to lose 1,200 workers; then when we won government Restart and Covid testing contracts, we had to hire over 4000 people. We were brave and got lucky. We managed to reconfigure the business and deliver a digital workplace.

Sean Whetstone

How can we reconfigure?
How can we rebuild?
How can we be brave?

Embrace change

Canvassing our top 20 customers ahead of Frontiers, I uncovered these priorities: making hybrid working work, addressing the climate emergency, winning at customer experience, and coping with the accelerating rate of change.

Through our privileged partner relationships with Microsoft and AWS, our own net zero infrastructure, the integration of Mission Labs (plus customer-inspired upgrades to Horizon Collaborate) and now through our expansion into Europe, we’re primed and committed to help.

We can now help with your pan European operations

Define the problem

Online shopping exploded during the pandemic fueling 5 years of growth in 5 weeks. Delivery drivers were Covid heroes, but post-pandemic parcel services don’t get good press. We’re working hard to build back trust.

There’s a risk that if you try and fix everything with CX you won’t fix anything. Not being able to get in touch is the key customer pain point, so we’re building new systems that target those moments of stress. Work out what the problem is you’re trying to solve before you invest in tech.

Focus on the customer’s biggest pain points and fix them

Collaborate from anywhere

This is the order of priority when we work on collaboration projects. First understand the challenge, then the people involved, and finally, pick the most suitable technology.

Comms and collaboration have exciting possibilities as copper, the old generation of connectivity is switched off; and fibre, satellite and mobile, the next generation of connectivity is switched on.

Knowledge, people and technology

“The keynotes were superb and it was great to hear the stories from some of your customers - genuine thought leadership that we can take back into our own companies.”
- Customer feedback

Helping organisations transform + thrive

We’re aiming for a blend of cultures, people, platforms and processes that builds the trust and understanding to co-create your future.

More than ever, the network is the business. We operate our own core network, allowing us to tailor your ideal user and customer experiences, at scale.

We pair the network with Cloud platforms – Horizon (our own), Microsoft and Amazon Web Services – to create unified communications. and contact centre solutions. They deliver that shared vision for collaboration, hybrid working, and excellent customer experiences.

In the end, it’s about feeling connected to your users and colleagues, to your customers and citizens, to your suppliers and collaborators.

Delivering great CX

The economic road ahead will be bumpy, but the companies that put the customer at the heart of everything they do will flourish. The key to successful CX is to design the experience before you choose the technology.

Technology is there to enrich CX, not to dictate it

Connect with your customers

Amazon Connect is one of the most advanced contact centre platforms in the world. But like any complex software, it needs to be adapted to your customer needs. Mission Labs augment its capability to make your agents as successful as they can be.

Think big, start small, go fast

Buy or build?

Let’s stay connected