Free Microsoft Teams training for over 1000 new end-users

How we helped to equip the new remote workforce during COVID-19

Our resident Microsoft Teams expert and Solutions Architect at Exactive, Callum Hardie, has provided free Teams training for new end-users during the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 1000 people signing up. The webinars were designed to help equip the new remote workforce that emerged almost instantly at the beginning of the pandemic. Millions of new daily active users started using Microsoft Teams and many found themselves plunged at the deep end with no clue how to use the technology effectively.



This steep increase in daily active users is likely due to many organisations already having access to Teams within their Office365 licencing but were not yet using it as their main collaborative tool or as their telephone system.

At Exactive, we understand that training and adoption of new technology is vital to its success, and although Teams is very intuitive and user-friendly, it’s essential for end-users to know how to use it to maximise its capabilities to truly feel connected to their colleagues and external contacts when working remotely.

Our free Microsoft Teams online training webinars were launched in April to help meet this need and were designed to help people make the most of the technology available to them. Callum’s webinars included a tour of Teams, sharing tips and tricks, and an overview of how to get the most out of Teams features and functionality.

To date, Exactive has delivered 14 free training events and you can visit this page to view a recording of one of our end-user training sessions.

We’re also currently running free training webinars – Teams Admin 101.  This is a session designed for technical admin teams/first-line support to run through ‘business as usual’ activities and the management platform for their new UC estate. Specific requests include handling of common issues such as call quality and an overview of the Teams Admin Portal.  You can view more of the topics that will be covered and register here.